614 E. Grand Ave. Beloit, WI 53511
(608) 365-1811

Carom Room

Carom Room Cash Series Tournaments

February 22nd & 23rd (No Masters 8-Ball)

96 players (maximum)

$1500 added with 96 players (pro-rated)

Players are rated by FargoRate ratings

575-624 is advanced status

574 and below is novice status

All players must have 100 games in FargoRate to play in any No Master events. NO Exceptions!! Don't Ask!!

All tournaments use the BCAPL rules and alternate breaks.

Doors open at 10 AM, Player auction starts at noon sharp.

100% payback - No money taken out of prize fund or auction pot - No membership fee- No tour card - No quarters.

Entry fees include $15 green fee - Play stops at 2 AM - Sunday finish if needed.

Races may be reduced by one game in extra large fields.

Players that are pre-paid must be here by the start of the player auction or their spots will be sold.

Tournament Bracket Link

Player List

1Gavin Tinkey622
2Mike Benitez620
3Troy Honeycutt618
4Theo Lee618
5Luis Carreon616
6Chuck Ferrara614
7Dan Coshenet612
8Bill Grosbier610
9Chris Mason609
10Zack Willis609
11LJ Briesath608
12Gail DeChavez607
13Berry Chapman606
14Josh Thielke605
15Doug Blank603
16Tim Stockinger603
17Bob Crawford602
18Jerry Jamieson602
19Carlos McGill602
20Maria Juana600
21Chris Olas599
22Ken Harvell598
23Charlie Wolfe598
24Bruce Kunkle597
25Bill Larson595
26Troy Miley591
27Craig Panozzo591
28Robert Lange588
29Richard Billings580
30Bill Peterson580
31John Barton578
32Kyle Boute568
33Bob Hults565
34Kevin Adams562
35Yohannes Mesfin553
36Rick Varada547
37Ken Crowley542
38Matt Meyer542
39Jennifer Combs541
40Billy Draganski534
41Todd Schmidt523
42Bao Li518
43Jeff Johnson500

Tournament Results

FinishNameTournament $Player Auction $
1stZack Willis$980$3,790
2ndGavin Tinkey$605$2,340
3rdJosh Thielke$375$1,440
4thBill Peterson$234$900
5thMario Madrid$145$540
6thKevin Adams$145$540
7thShane Minihan$85$360
8thTyler Meyer$85$360
9thKen Harvell$55$0
10thCarlos McGill$55$0
11thJerry Jamieson$55$0
12thJoe Geiken$55$0